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Dedicated, specialized & passionate!

Life is so real from design view, everything has its own design-related concept, people love new cars, in-fashion dress, flowers, beautiful human features... why?, they do cause there's good design!, the amazing cars we use we bought them for their curved design, beautiful faces we see are just a matter of design as well as all pretty things in life. Design is the lifestyle I admire, at the age of 5 years old, I was engaged in design!, I was "publishing" newspapers, drawing and "managing" print houses!!, I never felt in mood with hanging up with the boys, I preferred paper and pencil than playing. Now at 23 years old, I still live that way, rather, I got to the hard line!, I'm totally design taken!, whenever I try to read or watch I find myself out the subject getting down to the way a character looks or how those graphics lack small curves.. What a crazy living!.

M. Hacen
Name: Mohamed Hacen Mottaly
Born: July, 14 1982
Interests: Graphics, Typography, wild life.
Languages: Arabic, English & French.
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