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  • Now we want to understand how the ligatures system works in Arabic fonts, well, let's take the letters "Noon+Yeh" as an example:

  • Using FontLab, we can open an Arabic font that supports Ligatures, we see the letter Noon in the Layout table named under "noonmedial":

  • And the Yeh "yehfinal":

  • .. And the glyph "Noonyeh" that combines the two previous ones under the name "noonyeafinal":

  • Now let's open the OpenType panel in FontLab:

  • The OpenType Layout feature "liga" offers the ability to set stylistic alternates for multiple glyphs, that's how the two letters replaced by one:

  • Hmmm, i think it's the key to add more beautiful stylistic variants to your own font, right? ;)
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