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Please Read Carefully Before Continuing to Download This Font:

1- Hacen fonts are shareware, i.e., you may download the font for evaluation and test, if you found it useful then you MUST get license from Hacen to use this font commercially, a license information can be found here: www.hacen.net/font_license

2- If this font doesn't fit your needs, just erase it!. Please DO NOT redistribute this font.

3- The artistic design and the points in each glyph of this font are the property of Hacen, your use of this font is limited to production purposes, you may not edit, modify or rename this font without prior permission. Hacen holds the original shape of each letter of this font, any copying, redrawing, or rendering to match or imitate the shape of the original is a breach of copyright law.


Copyright © 2005 - 2006 M. Hacen